about cehors

Hello! and thank you for coming to see what cehors creative is all about.

I started cehors creative to further an interest and expertise. By realizing my own creative powers in the fields of  marketing strategy, brand recognition and online digital media management;  I can better help others share and sell what they are best at. At cehors creative, my mandate is personal (not public!) relations between you and your target markets. No matter what your business development goals are: reaching a new demographic, launching a new product line, garnering social media awareness for your brand or overhauling your entire online marketing efforts, cehors creative will work within your brand to achieve the desired result.

My background in marketing is as varied as the clients I work with now. Previously I have worked for large international financial institutions, mid-sized real estate and engineering firms, more localized tourism operations, school districts and non for profits. My free-lance consulting clients include real estate agents, financial advisers, interior designers, roofing companies, fashion bloggers, media personalities and others.

Questions? I would love to answer them. Fill out my contact form and tell me a bit about yourself, your business and I would love to chat with you.



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